Embrace Therapy is a community based mobile therapy service and can provide physiotherapy services to clients who are after:

  • A home, gym or pool/hydrotherapy program.
  • Skill development such as achieving gross motor milestones.
  • Skill retraining and rehabilitation.
  • Support in assessing for and attaining specialised assistive technology. This can include custome manual or powered wheelchairs; walkers; postural splints; specialised trikes and alternative seatings.

By providing a holistic approach to therapy intervention, Embrace Therapy aims to upskill the clients or the supports around them so that therapy is delivered and incorporated into their everyday life without it feeling like therapy.

Embrace Therapy uses different therapy ‘modalities’ such as Pilates principles, Mary Massery PNF techniques, Bobath based techniques; Total Motion Release (TMR Tots); dynamic movement intervention (DMI) and equine- assisted treatment modality called hippotherapy.

Please note that Embrace Therapy does not target acute pain management or soft tissue management and recommends accessing your local physiotherapy clinic if this is your primary concern.

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